Back on Track action in Berlin
Back on Track activists was Saturday morning 28.11. 2015 on action in Berlin. The German COP21 delegation went by special train to Paris.

We are of course happy message that is sent when politicians need to Paris by train. But we would like to have more trains, would like to have reintroduced night train and establish direct train. Why should it be only on festive occasions like this that are a direct train between these two European cities?

The European railways have the ability to provide competition to climate-hostile aircraft. But neither politicians nor railway companies take environment seriously when it comes to realities within the transport sector.

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The Danish part of the small demonstration from Council for Sustainable Trafic (Rådet for Bæredygtig Trafik) got press access to the event, and came very close to the press coming for the DB and UIC-event.

Some of the German activist are presenting Back on Track posters on the platform next to the event.

We were pretty close, but not destructive. If we would have been too agressive in our behaviour, we would have ben thrown away.

Federal Environment Minister Dr. Barbara Hendricks is giving her speach before entering the train.

Same situation. Notice our posters behind her.

In the front end of the train. We displayed our posters to all passengers while the train was departing (on schedule!).