Prepare a holiday without a flight

Flashmob at the Copenhagen Central Station Wednesday June 2016. Organized by Council for Sustainable Transport, Denmark. Is made as part of a week of action within the European network

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The holiday season is upon us. Just as we can cut down on consumption of beef to accommodate the climate, we can all contribute with climate-friendly transport to our holiday . But it is unfortunately the case that in practice it is difficult to choose climate-friendly transport, as long as there are no good rail connections from Denmark southwards. Without a night train it is hard to travel by train from Denmark to the typical holiday destinations in France, the Alps and the Mediterranean. And if one like to bring his bike, then the night train is the only option.

"The family Denmark" must individually make climate-friendly transport choices, but the country's politicians must get down to work in cooperation with their European counterparts, so planes are not the only means of transport across national borders, but that there are also trains to use as a highly climate-friendly alternative.

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Regional television TV2 Lorry was on spot and produced this very nice report. In Danish language.

It has in practice been impossible to travel across Europe by train. Ticket sales are closed, on the web connections can often not be seen or tickets can not be purchased. In addition night trains across the border closes down - because rail companies do not feel obliged to run both day and night trains on commercial terms. Passengers have not failed the night trains in Europe. Passengers know well that night train is not outdated and nostalgic relic from the past, such as politicians and railway managers would like to give the impression. Night train implies comfort, travel delight and comes in handy.

In addition comes that railways in Europe is climate-friendly transport. Air transport is rather a threat to the climate. One can travel 50 times on the European distances by train and put the same carbon footprint as once by air.