Funeral service in relation to Veras death 7/9 2007

Vera passed away peacefully on the of September 2007 in the high age of 91 years.

Here is Poul near the coffin at the chapel at Vestre Kirkegård on the of September.

We did not involve any religious services in the ceremony. Only music and a speach from Alex and Poul.

Here is Alex sharing some memoirs about the life of Vera.

After the ceremony we carried Vera to the waiting hearse.

This is how the family grave of Vera looks like (Dec. 2008). Sådan ser Vera's familiegravsted ud i december 2008. Vestre Kirkegård.

Afsløring af gravsted / Unveiling of burial place
at the Jewish graveyard in Copenhagen, 14th. of December 2003.

Alex uncovers the stone.

Vera with the grave. Incriptions in hebrew (as wished by Micha's sister Ziporrah in Israel) and with his dates.

The small ceremony was withnissed by Alex, Nadia (Alex' daughter) and Karen.

The weather was not pleasant...