Soap Bubble Festival 2009

Which took place 16. - 18. January 2009.
Friday 550 visitors, Saturday 1546, Sunday 1883. Friday we did not have more visitors than expected and without saying anything conclusive, it was a failure. But in the weekend the outcome was great! What a joyful weekend, so many thanks to all of you, who made this possible!
The waiting line was long and cold, but the outside bubble-machine was very popular. Bubbles were seen as far away as on the Strandvejen.

Wellcome show Saturday 11.30.

The hydrogen bubbles are always good.

After the show visitors could try out themself.

Xciter kids from Kolding

At least four hours each day we would find the three girls from Kolding making their tricks and learning the kids to do (almost) the same.

Their efforts were apreciated.

Boblobot 2009 from HalfMachine

Nicolas Padfield from HalfMachine presented the version of this years soap bubble robot.

The interaction was more delicate than last year. The speed could (as the girl is showing) be adjusted to change the bubble production.

The Tom Noddy show

As ususal Tom was testing the conditions with his caterpillar.

A more "colourful" version of the caterpillar during the last part of a show Friday.

Tom's personal favourite is the tornado.

The love bubbles are always a good foundation for some jokes.

And thise boys (Friday) are well tuned to the Tom Noddy-jokes.

The workshop of Göran Rämme
A number of old and new experiments were presented in the "professors lab".

The red bubble was - as last year - a succes.

It is both a good experiment, good science and beautiful art on the same time.

Göran has obtained full attention from these visitors.

Karl-Otto is sharing the feeling of fascination with this boy.

Martin is giving an on-line interview on national broadcasting Saturday afternoon.

The gravitation-well with a soapbubble film. A beautiful and illustrative experiment.

The atomic model with rotating soapbubbles. Niels Bohr would have been pleased by this sophisticated experiment.

This boys grasped the idea behind the rather sophisticated testingtube-equipment.

Again are the colours studied under full attention under Carspers instruction.

Another kind of soapbubbles created in a narrow container of soap solution with injected air bubbles.

The Soap Bubble Academy

Visitors could get new ideas to tricks with soap bubbles in the Academy.

Four good trics were presented on video with subtitles, and a pilot was ready to help.

Although the boxes could also be used as lighttables.

Serious instruction took place, and the joy to blow was great.

Guest-professor Søren B.S. could engage this skillful girl in the Academy.

The norwegian show

Joachim is demonstrating different tools to create different sizes of bubbles.

Thomas is making a cube and injecting mist inside. Notice the american gear, the Oslo-guys have obtained.

André could make the double carrusel without problems.

On a norwegian ski-elevator the bubble glides upward. First they made a soap film inside the long enclosure of the rope. The made the enclosure rather thin and long. Then they carefully laid a bubble on the low end, and with a dry finger broke the film at the bottom. Now the surface tention reduces the film upward and drag the bubble along. It was one of Eiffel Plasterer's more wonderful tricks. Bubbleshow 2009
Søren Elmer and Søren B. Simonsen presented their show Saturday and Sunday (in two rather different versions). Here they are creating CO2 with baking powder and winegar to establish floating soap bubbles.

A hole got missing in the middle of the show, and was not possible to find again.

Using adjustible LED colours in the light table Søren & Søren could show the colours in the dome bubble on a very educative manner.

The Experimentarium baloons made not up to standards, which can be seen on the worried faces here.

But the hot steam ballons were just perfect and a real innovative trick.

Universe of the soapbubbles

The other Experimentarium-show came on twice a day on the Main Stage.

The idea is that the one pilot is most engaged in blowing bubbles, and the other one will do the explaining.

Here it is the nice dome which is presented.

And here we can use the good old Overhead Projector to show the shapes of a bunch of bubbles.

Pia and Anne from Kirke Helsinge

For second time the festival had girls from Kirke Helsinge School on the Guest Stage.

Maybe someone among audience could image a bubble of a different shape than round produced from this silly wand?

Good bye event
After 4.30 pm Saturday and Sunday visitors were invited to join all the performers in the entrance area to fill out the space with bubbles of all kind. Two machines on the balcony created a curtain of small bubbles to be supplemented by the happy artists of all ages!

No efforts were avoided in order to participate in the joy. André is rather soaked after a long day in close contact to the soapwater.

What a last wonderful picture. Pure concentration and astonishment.

Poul Kattler, 20.1.2009

Eiffel Plasterer can be seen in the following video. Notice that he call some of his equipment for pipes. Tom is calling his equipment for a wand. In Denmark and Sweden it is "sæbeboble-jern".
After 8 minutes video you will watch his version of the elevator and by the end an oxygen-hydrogen bubble making a fine explosion.