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Linimo Maglev train, Nagoya

visited d. 5. - 10 april 2005 during my visit to EXPO
The system was inaugurated in conjunction to the World Exposition.

Switch system at the terminal station for Linimo Maglev local Maglev line.
Banpaku-yakusa is the name of the station.
This system has the electro magnets inside the train and not along the tracks (which is practiced on the JR line under construction between Tokyo and Osaka).
It means that the trainset has a collector shoe to a rail at the middle.

A look from the inside. A classic, modern lightrail car design. No driver, but staff is anyway on the trainset.

Here we passe the workshop area for the Linimo trainsets. Notice the parked train.

Inside the EXPO a JR Maglev train was on display. This one was the first and had been on the speed of 580 km/h

Here it is from the outside. It was only the very front part of the train, on display at the JR Central pavillion incl. smiling train stewardesses.

The Maglev train was put in the elevated position, where it is hanging during full speed.

Typical japanese access point to railway platforms.

Aichi loop is several places only one-track. Here is our train arriving to the platform at Shin Toyota.

The trains at Aichi loop has a modern standard.

There is by-pass around the drivers cap, when two trainsets are coupled.

The auther Poul is drinking hot canned coffee at the station nearby the Toyota factory.

Changing train from Aichi Loop to Linimo Maglev train at Banpaku-yakusa

Here arrives the empty Maglev train.

Switches at the EXPO station.

Again a motive from the EXPO-station Nagakute-Site.

The two emergency and contra-magnetic alluminium "rails" and the power rail in the middle.