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Maine and Chicago
11. - 15. July.

Now it was about a family visit with Aunt Susie and Aaron in Brunswich, Maine. We are here all immortalized in front of their nice house.

Susie if fond of her kitchen, and spend a lot of time to cook nice and healthy food. Not so typical American …

Here is Aaron proposing a toast. We felt very much at home, and it was nice to see the two relatives in so good spirit and health.

In brilliant weather we went to Popham Beach, where it was low tide, and plenty of room to a big sand castle. When the children were busy the adults could walk to the small island now connected with the mainland. Nina and Poul had also a real bath, but the water was not so warm.

In Brunswich, like other towns, there was a farmers market situated in the middle of the city. Here you can buy some organic foodstuff and plants from a nursery, all direct with the producers. Regardless the small volume, this trend cannot be neglected. It must be seen as a reaction against the industrial and non-personnel consumer goods common in the country.

A group of day care staff are feeding their small children with hotdogs beside of the farmers market. Hotdogs are a favourite quick meal, to be trained from a young age.

Suddenly the stay with Susie was over, and on the 14.th we departed very early to Boston. Here was not weather for sight seeing since it was raining, but we saw some of Massachusetts from the train heading west. Here we take our lunch in the café-car between Boston and Albany.

A smoker’s stop in Springfield. The train was full, also because the Boston sleeper was not on the train by departure. We joined the coach passengers to Albany. The transition to the sleeper car arriving from New York was very un-coordinated. One from staff did absolutely not know what others did, annoying the passengers.

It was however a nice evening in the train, while we were leaving the rain behind we could enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Mohawk River while taking our dinner in the diner.
Here it is next morning along the shores of Lake Michigan with old, big industry.

Now a glimpse of Chicago downtown in the far end of this freeway. The speed went down entering the Chicago Union Station: We were reversing but a switch should be fixed before we finally could enter the station.
But we developed only a moderate one-hour delay this morning, quite fine!

The view the other way across the rails and the freeway behind left in the picture. The picture is made from the 103.rd floor of Sears Tower, the highest skyscraper of USA.

A view downtown Chicago.

The building seen from the street. It is made in the 1970es. Nowadays with tight security.

Grandpa Ejner had birthday that day, and the daughter is calling him right in the middle of his party. We are standing in Sears Tower.

The famous Chicago loop, an elevated railway on top of the streets in downtown. Notice the train passing the corner of the house.

Here we are on the street, but the same place. There is a special atmosphere this place.

The fire escapes are amazing to Danish visitors, who only has seen such things on movies, and hardly as big as this ones.

One skyscraper is mirrored in the next!

There are not many apartments in downtown. But condominiums are developed in old warehouses right outside the town centre. The picture was taken when the train was switching in the morning. Notice the person standing at the top corner of the roof.

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