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Diamond Lake and Crater Lake
25. - 28. July.

Now to the Cascade Mountains. And we could not wish for a more beautiful place to stay than Diamond Lake right north of Crater Lake.
This is how the beach was looking right beside of the motel / café / camping.

And bathing was absolutely possible. Here are the children bathing, Poul is at home at the room with a paining heel.

The motel room looked liked all other motel rooms, but with three nights, there was plenty of time to discipline the children...

Nina is making a show off with the Chinese clothes from San Francisco. However the blouse is not here size, but anyway…

Second day. At a trip to Crater Lake. A marvellous scenery made by a big eruption for 7700 years ago, finally with the collapse of the volcano leaving a deep crater lake and a caldera along the edge.

In the middle of the lake a few eruptions raised their bodies to shape an island, black in contrast to the deep blue lake. The blue colour is from the blue sky, but so blue because of the unusual clear water, absorbing other colours than blue. Not many fishes live here, due to low nutrition.

A small cliff has made its way; it is called Phantom Ship, and is in fact a remaining from early volcanism, long before the final eruption.

Well, a little more view. This time from around the fine lodge, having rooms with a view.

Some of the small squirrels made their life in the harsh landscape. Around the lodge some were tame to the tourists, but not this, trying to hide from the camera.

The road around the lake was located in a manner that riders all the time got the best views, and with parking where ever something extraordinary came up.

As here, and then you don’t need to walk very far to get the view.

The snow from last winter remains many places. The daughter is threatening the photographer with a snowball.

Last morning in Oregon we should drive north to get our train in Eugene.
We choose a small road through the mountains, and met no humans during the three hours drive. Unfortunately we did not meet a bear, which we were ready to receive warmly.

When the one-lane road was tarred, it was named 2610, but then the bitumen got finished, the road was called 2154 and 2153 on the way north.

The view back south to Mt. Thielsen (the pointed to the right) which was right east of Diamond Lake, in the central view a little hidden by morning clouds you got the Crater Lake Caldera.

Right in front of us the Diamond Peak and the winding mountain road.

After Oakridge we stopped at the banks of the Willamette River. Somebody had made a dam with loose stones, which the daughter passes with great caution.

From Eugene it was the original plan that we should board the northbound Coast Starlight all the way to Tacoma, but the train was again delayed, so we took the AMTRAK bus connection to Portland via the intermediate towns, also the capital of Oregon, Salem.

On the Interstate 5. It is a freeway we have just quite many times during our trips to the US. Here we are in the southern part of Portland with a lot of traffic. Traffic was also dominating Portland downtown, where the bus pushed its way to the train station.

Happy again for the AMTRAK trains. This Cascade train (a Talgo-type) departed on time, was fast and nice. The daughter and Poul made a visit to the café car and had some dinner.

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