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The Eclipse on the 29. March 2006
Simon, Poul, Mogens, Viktor and Sonja was a trip to Egypt at the end of March 2006 to vitness the total eclipse.

On this page I will show som pictures and impressions from the entire trip of six days duration, a trip we had organized ourself. Do you wish to jump to the eclipse right away, you can witness it with our (Danish) talk in the hectic moments by clicking here!

Sunday in Alexandria. The Library was re-erected at the historical location right to the Mediteranian.

On the facades of the library all written languages are on display in the stone.

Apart from this Alexandria is a huge 3. world town with mixed traffic in and around the town.

The old trams from Copenhagen can still be enjoyed in Alexandria on the less crowded lines.

Evening atmosphaere in Marsa Matruh, bathing resort at the Mediteranian. A very cosy place to stay.

On our way down south through the Sahara Desert monday.

A break right north of the Siwa Oasis.

The night at Desert Rose Hotel, Siwa. We have got dinner at the small, nice hotel. It is without electricity and during a sandstorm.

Next morning, tuesday sunrise in the desert not far away from the hotel.

Sunrise, a look south to the sand desert.

Sunrise agian, this time a look at north-west to the oasis.

A short trip in the sand ended brutally like this. I drove the car with automatic transmission in position "Drive", which was foolish!

So we had to go for the children and utensils to resque the car.

Herafter a deserved breakfast at the hotelyard.

From the old township of Siwa.

A heavy shower in 1927 destroyed Siwas big old fortified town build af salt stone bricks. Now it is mostly ruins.

Simon and Poul in the sand desert south-west of Siwa.

After another night in Marsa Matruh early on the road to Salloum. The town is now right in front of us.

The partly darkened sun is projected on the sand in the pavillons at Salloum wednesday noon after 1. contact.

We are discussing with schoolgirls in the pavillon, who are eager to learn and can speak a little english.

Now it is about to happen. The total eclipse was between 12:38 - 12:42. Listen to our talk during the total eclipse and look at more pictures!

Thursday morning as good tourists to the pyramids.

It is a very pleasant way to go around on top of horses or camels. And none of us had tried it before!

And now in our taxi through Cairo to the airport and back home.