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4. - 6. July.

A taxi driver found a nice motel, Days Inn Lakeside, to us. We had a room at street level, it is easy to identify the room!
It was 4.th of July, but we didn’t see so much of the parties. But our neighbourhood was not inhabited by resident Americans.

On the other hand a lot of ordinary Americans had found their way to Universal Studios. We do overtake these ones; the girl was only moderate overweight, all of us on our way to the “old” Universal.

We made our start at the Shrek show. It was at the 3-D type with glasses and special effects at, near and under the chairs. It was called 4-D. During the queue we were cooled down with water vapour, a rather efficient tool.

At some rides bags were not permitted. By fingerprint you could lock your belongings into a locker. And later – with the same finger – have it returned. Well functioning, but I guess quite costly to establish.

JAWS-show. The White Shark approaches our peaceful boat.

And as a big surprise it was about to attack us!

During the afternoon a heavy thunderstorm made all rides to stop. We rushed for shelter at “Battery Park” next to the central lake in the park.

But the rain was brought to us by the strong wind, and nobody could avoid to become wet. But fortunately it was quite hot. The lightening did strike the lake twice. Frightening to us, but the others kept relaxed, they were used to such things.

The setup was New York. During the rain this boy took a closer look at the scenery.

The decorations were rather convincing. Here we are waiting for a ride at Men in Black, nearby to some robot-monsters from the movie.

Last day we went to International Drive and visited this little, but spectacular Science Centre called Wonderworks. Especially the the outside of the building was impressive.

Simon is using a motion controlled computer game (like Sonys Eyetoy). In general the place was crowdie, noisy and ugly.

The daughter is trying their fakir bed. Notice it was staffed, such things we cannot afford at the Science Centre in Copenhagen!

A shopping mall nearby. It was totally deserted. The luxury shops did not have many costumers, the big FAO Swartz (toys) behind the photographer was closed down. In Orlando there was an atmosphere of temporary setups. As long money could be made, it should look nice. But the investments in constructions were moderate, as if the lose of closing down was calculated. The weed was ready to take over and destroy the human traces whenever people moved out. And the mall was rather new.

The Orlando AMTRAK railroad station was renovated nicely to former times gracious Mexican style.

Inside the passengers waited patiently. The train was of course late more than an hour. Notice the travellers: Many blacks and white, heavy and not wealthy. And a few ones, who could afford 1. class accommodation in the sleeper. Fortunately we were among the lucky ones, ready to board the train for a longer journey north.

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