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Williamsburg and Washington, DC
7. - 10. July.

Simon is reading in the train Silver Star from Orlando. In matter of fact he is relaxing on the WC, but it is actually folded away in this moment. Each compartment in these Viewliner sleepers has their private toilet and wash basin. All integrated in this very narrow environment.

Evening in the train northbound. The daughter is watching a movie after the dinner in the dining car. All meals are included, when you have paid the sleeper ticket. Then you are at first class.

The train ran more than 3 hours late, so we lost the connection with the on-time local train heading to Williamsburg and Newport News next morning. AMTRAK gave us a taxi to this one-hour trip…

Scenery in the historic Williamsburg, Wirginia. The staff / explainers are dressed like in the 1700 age, when the town was capital in the English colony. The houses are reconstructed.

The pillory is erected at the main square. Williamsburg was worth paying a visit, although we could not enjoy the “old day” spirit so much as the Americans, in Europe we have displayed much older history… As a consequence we did not pay the very expensive day-pass, which gave access to the working workshops.

At the Atlantic coast is the very first settlement Jamestown. It is the one with the Pocahontas legend. Full size models of the three immigration vessels are in the harbour. Also here there were staffs explaining the life of these old days.

In the visitors centre, Jamestown, a café was – of course – located. Convenient that there are no armrests on the chairs, as these visitors have a rather big volume. At this time during our journey we were rather shocked by the many “super size” Americans we met.

On the 10.th we took the morning train via Richmond to Washington DC. A cosy subway driver handled the crowd caused by maintenance work with great charm, and suddenly we did find ourself in front of the White House.

The weather was pleasant, overcast. On such a day Washington is the right place to walk around from one place to another, as here at the monument of fallen soldiers during Second World War.

In matter of fact we did start at the Natural History Museum, where dinosaur fossils and reconstructions are a magnet to the audience. And the crowd was big (free entrance), so we did not stay so long.

Except dinosaurs we made a visit in the wonderful gems and minerals section. As this Crocoite with the most beautiful colours and shapes.

We enjoyed our lunch a nostalgic place, where Simon and Poul had their lunch back in August 2001. At that time it was a buffet, but on this Sunday we had to accept these nice pizzas. The restaurant is on Pennsylvania Ave.

Both at the motel in Williamsburg and in the park around Capitol Hill in Washington we could enjoy one of the rainy seasons wonderful natural plays. Fireflies were flashing their yellow lights in the twilight.

In the evening we returned to Union Station, which is grandiose, but also modern. Train services to New York is efficient and reliable in contrary to the long-distance trains in direction Florida and New Orleans.
We are now ready to board the trips only night train without a sleeper. It runs no longer on the train no. 66 to Boston, in fact the coach cars were the most inferior of those we met. Fortunately there was enough room, so all in all were had a reasonable night.

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