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Oregon to the Pacific
24. - 25. July.

Coast Starlight had – fortunately – a functioning diner, but no parlour car, which is a little older comfortable seating car to first class passengers. But the food was there. Here it is morning, still in California along the Sacramento River, now 4 hours late.

The daughter is watching the brilliant view to Mt. Shastina, the highest peak in California, almost 4000 meter tall.

There was plenty of reading time in the train. Here is Poul reading, rather satisfied, in the sleeper compartment.

We were 6 hours late by arrival at Eugene, Oregon. But Hertz was ready and we were able to obtain a big Ford Taurus. We appreciated the spaciousness much, when it showed up we had to sleep in the car the first night! Saturday evening at the Pacific, at Florence, it was a nightmare to get a motel room. It was impossible; so we slept in the car. We have never tried that before, 4 persons in an ordinary car, but in some way we survived. Here we are wakening up next morning.

There was a fantastic place north of Florence with a sea lion cave. The sea lions were the biggest of its kind, the Stellars Sea Lions, which only lives at the coast right here. To the benefit of the tourist there was an escalator down to a corner of the huge cave, where we could watch the family life of the sea lions. They had ocean access and there was a crowd of animals, up and down the cliffs, a lot of noises and fighting.

This is the actual size of the animals. They wrote this about the sea lions:
This member of the eared seal family is found from Central California to the Bering Sea. This is the only mainland rookery, the rest of their homes being on rocks off shore. Sea Lions make the are their home year around, generally landing in the cave during fall and winter stormy season and on the rock ledges outside during the spring and summer.
They feed on fish that they catch themselves – principally bottom species such as skate, squid, and varieties of rock fish.
In the spring, bulls gather harems of 10 to 20 cows and keep these families until breeding is finished in early July. The weaker mailes are fought away and are called bachelor bulls. Sea Lions possibly breed every other year, as many of the young are observed nursing well into their second year. Single pups are born in spring and weigh 40 to 50 pounds. Bulls average 1200 to 1500 pounds at maturity and cows average 500 to 700 pounds. The average life span of the Sea Lion is about 20 years.

The view from the Sea Lion Cave to the north, notice the lighthouse. Highway 1 winds its way along the coast.

And now the view to the south, where the cliffs disappears and are replaced by a long section with sand dunes and low marine country.

The beach was very tempting, but not the right place to take a swim. The water is too cold. But a castle can always be constructed.

The daughter takes a position in front of the photographer.

But the local people do not suffer from the cold ocean. They enjoy themselves with noisy engines, these Japanese all terrain vehicles are moving with high speed. But not all over, because the area is protected by regulations.

And there is room for undisturbed sand dunes. They are very pretty, and this dry sand is mixed with lakes, now mostly with freshwater from the backcountry.

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