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You are welcome to look at this collection of original photos. It is about water-lifting devices for irrigation in The Third World.

Dr. Thorkild Schiöler has worked for more than forty years on water-lifting. He has been a consultant with FAO (UN) in Rome and Bangkok and for the Danish Aid Organisation (danida) in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He has visited most of the countries of Europe and Asia.

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  The physics and mathematics behind the subject

  The mystery of hourglass shaped millstones

  A reconstruction of of the water-driven sawmill at Hierapolis (Danish)

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Sådan kan du regne med fysikken

Photo 552 x 476 pixels, 37,5 K   Man powered

  The Pots
  Photoes 1-6
  Photoes 7-16
  The swing canoe or the dhoon
  Photoes 17-20
  The shaduf
  Photoes 21-27
  The hoist
  Photoes 28-32

Photo 552 x 476 pixels, 37,5 K   River and wind powered

  European water-lifting wheels
  Photoes 33-36
  African water-lifting wheels
  Photoes 37-42
  Hydraulic noria in the Islamic World
  Photoes 43-50
  Wheels made of bamboo
  Photoes 51-62
  Photoes 63-67
  Dragon-bone chains
  Photoes 68-74
  Water-lifting powered by a water-wheel
  Photoes 75-84

Photo 552 x 476 pixels, 37,5 K   Water-lifting by draught animals

  Two water-lifting wheels in Syria
  Photoes 85-88
  Gearwheel with eight cogs
  Photoes 89-91
  A wheel in Rabat
  Photoes 92-96
  Ibiza, Balearic Islands
  Photoes 97-98
  Iron water-lifting wheels
  Photoes 99-102, 135-137, 139
  Noria near Naples
  Photoes 103-106
  Early Roman sâqiyas
  Photoes 107-113
  Operating sâqiyas
  Photoes 114-123
  Details of the sâqiya
Photoes 124-130
  Producing a sâqiya
  Photoes 131-134, 138, 140-142

Photo 552 x 476 pixels, 37,5 K   Spiral scoops, screws and the chain pump

  Spiral scoops
  Photoes 143-147
  The Archimedean screw
  Photoes 148-154
  Photoes 155-156
  The "liberation" pump in China
  Photoes 157-161

Photo 552 x 476 pixels, 37,5 K   Copyrights

Almost all photoes and drawings are made by Schiöler and may be reproduced elsewhere, with reference to Schiöler and Poul Kattler.