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Pictures from my Japan-trip March-April 2005
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For those of you, who just will have a look at a few picutres: Take a look here!

It you want to look at more details, my stories are devided in sections related to the ourney:

26.3 - 27.3. Moscow
A very fine metropolis!

27.3. - 31.3. Transsibirian Railway, 1. half

Detailed timetable for this part of the journey.

31.3. - 2.4. Irkutsk and Lake Bajkal

2.4. - 5.4. Transsibirian Railway, 2. half

Detailed timetable for this part of the journey.

5.4. - 10.4. EXPO in Aichi-district, close to Nagoya, including a visit at a Toyota assembly plant.

How to make a visit at Toyota

10. - 13. 4. Kyoto

14. 4.
Trip to Hiroshima

14. 4. Trip to Kanazawa, Takayama and the Alps

18. 4. Trip to Matsumoto

19.4 Oigawa Railway. Daily steamtrain, continue to the terminal station with a miniature minetrain in the most beautifull surroundings.

20.4. - 21.4. Kamakura and Hakone-area. A look at the Pacific and Mt. Fuji and a lot of fine nature.

21. 4. - 24.3. Tokyo.

22.4 The Science Center Miraikan in Tokyo.

23.4. Visit at Kokoro. They are know for their animated dinosaurs.

More about my pctures and their technical qualities.

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